Tropicallie Travels Custom Travel Planning

Hi, and welcome to my travel blog!  I’ll be sharing my personal trip reports and exciting travel destinations around the globe. If you are passionate about travel, but lack the time to plan and execute a great travel experience, then Tropicallie Travels can help you!  It’s true that most of people today turn to the Internet to research and plan their vacations.  It’s relatively easy to book a flight, cruise or hotel online, did you know that travel planners will do all the research and bookings for you, and usually for FREE? Countless hours can be spent planning a vacation, especially one that surpasses your expectations and delivers every imaginable pleasure in a seamless fashion. Are you aware of all the great experiences that your destination has to offer?  Do you have time to search for the very best accommodations, restaurants, and the many the “must-do” activities and sights you’ll want to see?  A travel planner can provide you with insider information for most every destination.  

Many savvy travelers are busy with jobs and kids leaving them with little time to plan a perfect vacation.  Today’s professional travel planner is here to help and unlike a “travel agent” your travel planner is your advocate, and personal advisor with an encyclopedia of knowledge of every location.  There are so many options for travelers these days and in order to have that perfect vacation, you must invest time and valuable resources into research and planning, or seek expert advice. Let a travel planner do the work for you and get that fantastic vacation you’ve been dreaming of….and why not? Our services are FREE!  Here are just a few great examples of what Tropicallie Travels can do for you: 

Luxury Resorts and Honeymoon Travel:

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From all-inclusive, adults-only resorts, to family-friendly resorts where every member of the family is entertained, we have relationships with the very best resorts in the top destinations all over the Caribbean and beyond.  We can help you plan the perfect honeymoon with all the perks that you deserve in the most romantic locations imaginable! 

Cruise Vacations: 

Set sail on an adventure exploring the Caribbean, Alaska, the Greek Isles, or Europe via scenic river cruises.  No matter the size ship you’re interested in or the cruise line you prefer, we can find the perfect sailing for you and if you have membership in loyalty rewards programs we can make sure get you your benefits too!  

Villa Vacations:

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Have you dreamed of lounging by the pool, watching the turquoise waves roll in while a staff member brings you a cocktail at your private villa?  Private villa vacations are in high demand and with locations literally all over the world, how are you to know where to start or what you might encounter when you arrive?  A travel planner has exclusive access to a network of villas and will know where to send you to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations! 

Culinary and Wine Adventures: 

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Custom travel planning can help you experience Europe or Wine Country, visiting the best restaurants and wineries or delight your senses with celebrity chefs and cooking schools.  Luxury trips surrounding fine wines and gourmet food are very popular these days and a travel planner can help you find the cruise or trip that suits your tastes. 

Adventure Travel:

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Adventure travel isn’t just skiing or scuba diving travels these days, although we love both of these activities!  From island hopping to swimming with sharks and pigs, we know where the fun is!  Bungee jumping in Australia, Mountain biking in the Himalayas, or boating down the Amazon…the possibilities are endless and your travel planner’s job is to help you imagine the unimaginable! 

Clearly, we’ve only touched on all that you can experience if you consider customized travel planning.  If you would like discuss your next trip or just chat, contact Allison at Tropicallie Travels!  I love to talk travel any time, so don’t hesitate to give me a call!